About US

Family Tango was created by a passionate mom who wanted to document and shared her experiencies with family living and toddler raising.

Welcome! My name is Marcia Braga and I am a mom of 5 (or I was at least but I will get to that later). Raising my kids and stepchildren wasn’t an easy task and that’s why I relate to tango.

Nope, I never danced tango (well maybe once in Karaoke) but I know the complexity of it. It’s actually one of the most difficult dances in world because you need to be smooth and sharp at the same time. It’s like a balance, you can’t be too harsh but you can’t be too soft either.

Funny enough that’s how raising kids is. You got to have balance, you have to be on point at all times because if you fall short your kid will fall short and suddenly your family will start falling short as well.

I’ve had plenty of wins like a kid becoming tri lingual and plenty of losses like your son disowning you as parent.

Through my experience as a Mom and a family chief I try here to share a little bit of what I know.

As Louis Armstrong says it takes two to dance tango so I invite you to come dance with me through my experiences, successes and mistakes about parenting and family living. 

Marcia Braga
Founder of Family Tango

What to do now?

If you are here that means you are looking improve your family whether would be through parenting or buying something for your kiddos.

The good news is I prepared everything to help you achieve so from here you can either:

We hope you enjoy the content we worked so hard to put together, and if you have any questions or suggestions we’d love to hear them!

The Family Tango Team