Age Appropriate Toys 0-10 Years Old – The Ultimate Guide

Here is a guide of kids age appropriate toys from newborn to 10 years old.

As a Mom of 5 I’ve used my experience and research to make this guide for you.

Most children toy guides lack a clear explanation of the learning process of a child.

Toys should be a learning tool to children so they can develop and thrive as human beings.

Remember that kids learn at their own pace so items on one list might work for different ages.

Here is the list:

Toys for 0 Month Newborns to 6 Months Infant
Toys for 6-12 Months Infant
Toys for 1-2 years old Toddler
Toys for 2-3 years old Toddler
Toys for 3-6 years old Preschoolers and Kindergarteners
Toys for 7-8 years old Kids
Toys for 8-10 years old Kids
All Ages: Safety in Children Toys

Keep reading to find out what’s good for your child

Toys for 0 Month Newborns to 6 Months Infant

When the infant is born until 3 months of age, his vision is still very blurry. That explains why most toys for infants are in bright color. From 3 to 6 months they will work a lot of their senses. Babies follow things with their eyes and observe people. They listen to various sounds causing them to like squeaking and other noise toys. Mouthing toys is a way to recognize the toy by the palette.

Here’s a list of toys recommended for 0-6 months:

  • Unbreakable mirrors
  • Rattles
  • Large rings
  • Teething toys
  • Squeeze toys
  • Stuffed animals with smiley face

Toys for 6-12 Months Infant

From this age babies tend to move a lot more so expect your infant to go crazy around the house. Enhanced senses will lead to more complex activities. Identifying body parts, finding hidden objects and putting things in and out of a container is common behavior.

Here’s a list of toys recommended for 6-12 months:

  • Large Foam or Wood Blocks
  • Plastic Vehicles with wheels (be sure to be bigger than your kids mouth)
  • Stacking Toys
  • Play Mats
  • Musical Crib Mobile
  • Dumping and Filling containers 

Toys for 1-2 years old Toddler

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing your child flip the light switch a little too much at home. Toddlers become fascinated with cause and effect toys, where the kid does something and the toy reacts. Look for button toys where music plays or characters rise up. They will enjoy any toy (or house object) that responds to their actions and makes use of motor skills. They enjoy stories and simple books with photos of animals and objects.

Here’s a list of toys recommended for 1-2 years old Toddler:

  • Push and Pull toys
  • Hammering and Pounding toys
  • Toddler Musical Instruments
  • Picture Books
  • Shape & Sorters blocks
  • Cause and Effect toys with lids, knobs, switches

Toys for 2-3 years old Toddler

Kids play with more intention now. They like pretend play where toddlers name toys, dress them up, or play trucks in the sand. Toys that make real-life sounds like dolls that talk or vehicles that honk the horn. Make-believe is common form of play. They will role-play tea parties and camping trips. Because of their fresh imagination you can start them on crafts, drawing, and puzzles. They will have a lot more energy so your child should be ready to start kicking and throwing balls.

Here’s a list of toys recommended for 2-3 years old Toddler:

  • Puzzle Toys 4-12 pieces
  • Construction Paper and Large Crayons
  • Talking Dolls or Action Figures
  • Kids camping set (or old blankets and pillows)
  • Play tunnels
  • Nubby Balls for kicking and throwing

Toys for 3-6 years old Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

This age range they have a longer attention span. Complex puzzles that can sort by height, smell and shape are a great addition. They play with other friends. Ability to focus more on complex tasks and activities, give them more responsibility. Introduce them on tricycles and bikes. Collecting various things such as bottle caps, sea shells and cards. They can now imagine they are someone else while they play. Educational toys that teach math, verbal skills and directions such as left and right.

Here’s a list of toys recommended for 3-6 years old Preschoolers:

  • Tricycles Bikes with Training Wheels
  • Kids Costumes
  • Phonics Board
  • Complex kids Puzzles
  • Plastic Bats and Balls

Toys for 7-8 years old Kids

Time to grow their own interests and creating a relationship with teachers and peers. Welcoming to science experiments or a new hobby they haven’t tried. They will play computer games with friends and also sports. They will start forming opinions about their teacher. Reality is they will prefer time with friends over time with parents and family.

Here’s a list of toys recommended for 7-8 years old Preschoolers:

  • Computer and video games (always control their screen time)
  • Sports Equipment (have them join a team)
  • Science Experiment Kits
  • Construction sets like Lego
  • Interactive board games

Toys for 8-10 years old Kids

They will start having grown up interests and may show a passion for something (at this age mine showed a passion for riding horses). They will start being “really good” at something, whether it be in a computer game or a sport. They like helping mom and dad with interesting activities (my daughter used to love going to work with her Dad).

Here’s a list of toys recommended for 7-8 years old Preschoolers:

  • Toys that fit their passion (eg: miniature farm for my horse lover)
  • Music Instrument and Karaoke
  • Big outdoor toys like trampoline or Bounce House
  • Jenga Building blocks
  • Corn Hole set

All Ages: Safety in Children Toys

Toys are a big part of the development of a kid, but there are things to watch out as a Parent. Here’s my watch out list to help keep our kiddos safe.

  • Before age of 3 always buy toys that are bigger than your toddlers mouth
  • Watch for toxic paint (or smell) on colored toys
  • Before age of 8 watch out for sharp points and cutting edges in toys
  • Broken Toys are always a hazard accept the lost and throw them away
  • If your kids have big age difference keep separate toys boxes (your 4 year old might give his toy to the 1 year old, no bueno)
  • Avoid Toy guns if possible

What to do next?

Toys are an awesome way to develop your child. But you know what’s more important? Is your relationship with your child, and the time you guys spend together. Check our guide on What Movies to Watch with your Child